Utility Rates and Fees - Jena, LA

Jena Municipal Office
                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy by Morgan Tarpley of The Jena Times

The Town of Jena services water, sewer, and garbage pick up inside the city limits, with gas services extending past the city limits.

The Jena Town Hall is located at:
2908 E Oak St

Gas Deposit:

Water Deposit:


Commercial Water


Gas Taps:
$150.00 for 1 inch taps
$250.00 for 2 inch taps

Water Taps:
$150.00 for 3/4 inch meters with 1 inch taps
$250.00 for 1 inch meters with 1 inch taps
$500.00 for 2 inch taps

Sewer Taps:
$150.00 for 4 inch taps
$250.00 for 6 inch taps

Net amount due by the 10th of each month, a
10% Late Fee charged after the 10th.

Full payment must be in office within 5 days after 10th to avoid disconnect.

Meters disconnected for delinquency must be paid in full with a $25.00 Reconnect Fee

Bush Hog $30.00 per hour

Compact Excavator (track hoe) $35.00 per hour

Skid Steer (loader) $35.00 per hour

Back Hoe (wheel type) $45.00 per hour

Dump Truck (6 yd.) $45.00 per hour

Blue Ox Loader (brush hauler) $45.00 per hour

A one hour minimum charge on all equipment.
Emergency after hours please call the Jena Fire Dept. at (318) 992-6931 or 911
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