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Prior to the adoption of Jena's Vision, the town's future planning status was in question. The town's original modest urban character and organization was planned around its 100 year old three block town center on Oak Street and US Highway 84. But the normal pressures of modern development had chipped away at the town center. The plan for widening US 84, El Camino Corridor, as a bypass around Jena, was a threat to the town's economy and viability. The mayor and town council recognized the need for strategic planning in Jena.

The public was involved throughout the process of creating the growth plan through a series of town meetings and planning charettes. Jena's Vision was forged through the public meetings. It is reported that Jena had 35% of its populace involved in the charettes, expressing their ideas about their town's future growth in a cooperative forum.

The creation of Jena's Vision was supported by these efforts:
  • The science of traffic engineering
  • Local demographic consideration
  • Economic analysis and future projections
  • Proven principles of urban design
  • Strategic site planning
  • Preservation of existing greenbelts
  • Efforts to maintain cultural norms and preserve Jena's rural character
  • Encouragement to in-fill within the existing fabric of the town
  • Encouragement of historical preservation

Jena's Vision was adopted January 26th, 2010. The plan includes a chronology of steps for phased implementation. The result of the entire process is that the public has sense of authorship and final plan is professionally and practically sound. As a planning tool it has played a key role in producing exceptional results.

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